Q school @ Grizzly (modified)

69 degrees, storms, lightning in distance

6 pax beat the fartsack and less than ideal weather conditions for a (modified) Q school at Grizzly. Khaki, Cosmo, Zoolander, Jackie Moon, Dr Porkchop, Kitty.

Warm-o-rama: each pax took a turn leading warmup (SSH, weed pickers, arm circles, kick with twist, windmills & “imperial storm trooper walker thingies”.

Mosey to shelter for the Thang & Mary. Mosey back to wall for COT.

Thang: used deck of cards. Each suit represents different exercise and perform number of reps indicated on card. Face cards = 10, Ace = 11, Joker = 20). Khaki picked merkins for hearts, Zoolander picked inclined merkins for diamonds, Porkchop picked Bonnie Blair’s for spades, Cosmo picked step ups with knee raise (2 legs = 1) for clubs, Jackie Moon picked Wing Nuts for Joker 1 & dips for Joker 2. Got through whole deck before Mary!

Mary – each pax took turns Qing an ab exercise. 1 min low plank (kitty), LBC’s (khaki), High Dolly (Zoolander), J Lo’s (Porkchop), Gas Pump + In the Morning combos (Cosmo), Peter Parker’s (Jackie Moon).

Q school topics covered (and some that were not):

  • Start on time / end on time, wear watch or keep phone with you
  • Welcome & disclaimer (not a professional, F3 & AO not responsible, modify as needed, will help you to car if hurt, you vs you)
  • Ensure the 5 core principles – free, open to all men, rain or shine, peer led, end with COT
  • Start with warm ups
  • Announce exercise (demonstrate as needed), “in position”, call in cadence (or OYO), “exercise”
  • Practiced cadences with warm ups. Typically 4-count but some exercises are 8-count (bay city scissors, man makers, etc.)
  • Use a weinke (cheat sheet for planned workout) as needed; download an integral timer – very useful tool
  • Adapt workout to weather conditions – be prepared to change on the fly
  • If mosey, Q should lead the way and notify pax of any hazards (potholes, slick spots, curbs, etc.)
  • Utilize F3 Exicon, backblasts, ideas from internet/friends/other workouts to develop your workout. Be creative, but make sure it’s something you can do & lead. AO’s all have different features that can be incorporated into workout; use coupons as you see fit.
  • Q should make sure to pick up the 6 or ask someone to pick up 6. Those that finish early can be asked to plank (or perform other “extra credit” exercises while rest of group completes theirs.
  • Plan for more than you think you need – can always cut for time. If you run short, you can also rinse & repeat excercises to fill time.
  • Push & encourage the pax.
  • Mary – target 6 minutes. Mary can also be built into the thang at Q’s discretion.
  • End with Recover Recover! to announce end of beatdown. Count off, name-o-rama, COT, picture & welcome FNGs (named one their 2nd post by the Q)
  • Post backblast (contact Khaki for access to WordPress to publish backblasts)
  • Post preblast to Slack to let pax know you’re leading, any special instructions and teaser. Sign up for Q on q_schedule channel.

Moleskin: Mother Nature provided Q School lesson #1 of the day – be prepared to modify for weather. Khaki was relieved when YHC noted that we would be modifying to a shelter workout this morning. Welcome back to the gloom Dr Porkchop! Cosmo explained the importance of picking up the six (leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him). Cosmo also offered plenty of chatter for his decision to make step ups as 2 legs = 1. Pax reminded Q that we use F3 names when YHC slipped up and referred to Jackie Moon by hospital name. Overall great morning to spend with HIMs looking to get stronger. Always a privilege! Aye!

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