July 2020 CSAUP

Weather 75-85 and sunny. Slight breeze.

Pax: Bumblebee, Maize, Nomad, Khaki, Teddy Bear, Wooly Dutchmen, Marshall, Knee High, Quick, Zamboni, Headlock, Wrigley, Logger, Motorboat (QIC)

Preblast: Several over the past month.  Get your mind right.

Assembly at Motorboats house.  Quick disclaimer, ruck up, and move out.

Headed to the green space in the neighborhood.

Front leaning rest while we went over rules and goals.

PT test: 1 minute to do hand release merkins.  Goal was 30.

1-minute butterfly sit ups. Goal was 40

Run of unknown distance in unknown time. It was .38 mile and the time was 2 min 30 seconds. 

Did not hit all goals so we did Burpees with ruck on. Also did thrusters IC (10 I think).

Ruck to the Hill (3.4 miles).

At the Hill, start beatdown:

15 Merkins IC with Ruck
30 Overhead Squats IC
30 LBCs IC
10 Burpees IC with ruck
15 Arnold Press each arm OYO
15 Merkins IC with ruck
20 Mountain Climbers with ruck IC
30 Flutter kicks IC
15 Kneeling Log Chops each side OYO
30 Ruck swings OYO
15 Thrusters IC
30 Flutter Kicks IC
10 8-count Man Makers IC
30 Ruck High Pulls OYO
15 Turkish Get-Ups each side OYO
30 Lunges (ruck optional) IC
30 Hello Dollie IC
10 8-ct body builder OYO
15 American Hammers IC
10 Bent Over rows
1 minute Clean and Squat (goal was 20)

Quick rest, change socks, eat food.

Pick up sandbags and cinder blocks. Clip them together.  325 pounds ish.

10 4 count log presses.

Start heading back to Motorboats house with all the weight.

At the first neighborhood, we did a couple of challenges.

1-minute hand release Merkins – if 50% hit 35 then we could take a carabiner off the sandbag log train.
1-minute sit ups.  2 groups.  If 50% then remove another 2 carabiners.
Sprint ~300 yards. If 50% under 1 minute remove another carabiner.
4 Carabiners removed.

Moving north again.  Stopped at the school.

10 Merkins with Rucks on for bad spacing

Challenge: 18 clean and squats with 50-70# sand bags.
Nomad and Khaki crushed it and removed the remaining carabiners and saved sprints

Head north again.  Stop for 15 dips IC on a stone wall.

Arrive at Motorboats neighborhood.

Souls were crushed as we turned away from the house to the green space again.

Divide into 3 teams.  Sandbags and blocks were attached together to form roughly 100 pound piles.  Race to complete the task.

Person 1 drag the weight all the way to the end of the rope. Person 2 drags the weight back by pulling on the rope.  Person 2 then drags the weight out and person 3 drags the weight back.  Repeat until everyone on the team has gone.

Losers did 10 log presses IC.

All together
10 Merkins with rucks on
25 LBCs IC
Plank while we talked about the mission of F3 and the 5 core principles.

Recover Recover.

Moved to the shade for COT and closing comments.

Rough estimate of timeline:

7:00    Gather and leave
7:05    Rules
7:10    PT test
7:20    Leave for the Hill
8:25    Arrive at Hill
8:30    Beatdown
9:15    Grab water, change socks, weights to go back.
9:20    Leave for return
10:40  False Endex
10:55  Endex and patches


This was the first CSAUP for F3 Indianapolis and was a lot of fun to plan and execute.  This was the longest beatdown that most of the PAX had every completed.  It was awesome to see teamwork and to see men push themselves.  Great mumble chatter throughout the event.  Getting into rows was much harder than anticipated. YHC is honored to be a part of this with all of you.  I love you all and can’t wait for the next adventure.

Keep pushing yourselves!


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