‘More Fun With Music’

17 PAX at The Hill for a musical beatdown. 73 degrees, clear, humid morning. Faceoff, Khaki, Parcheesi, Tiger King, Maize, FNG Lucas, Wabbit, Headlock, Bumblebee, Optimus, Teddy Bear, Brickyard, Snaphook, Chirp Chirp, Nomad, Motorboat, Woolly Dutchman (Q).


Song 1: ‘I’m Hot’ – Shai Linne

Warm-up OYO: Overhead claps, arm circles, weed pickers, imperial walkers, mosey to stairs.

Song 2: ‘I’ll Fly Away’ – Attalus Song 3: ‘Voices From the Shore’ – Attalus

Run up stairs. Run down stairs. Repeat until song 3 slows down, slowsy to parking lot.

Song 4: ‘Second Chance’ – Rend Collective Song 5: ‘Three Best Days/Set a Fire’ – Curt Vernon and Julie Futch

Begin in high plank together. After three PAX drop plank and begin imperial walkers, all PAX join in imperial walkers until we hear “Second Chance”. All PAX back to high plank. Repeat until the end of song 5.

Song 6: ‘Build Your Kingdom Here’ – Rend Collective

PAX begin in standing position, when we hear an action prayer (eg. ‘build’, ‘heal’, ‘unveil’) we hold squat until the next. Repeat. Overhead claps during chorus.

Song 7: ‘Send Me’ – Lecrae

Mosey back to hill.

Song 8: ‘More Than Conquerors’ – Rend Collective Song 9: ‘Exalted (Psalm 110)’ – Shai Linne Song 10: ‘How Great Thou Art’ – Citizens

5 burpees at the bottom of hill, run up hill, 1 burpee at the top of hill, run down hill. Repeat. Q cut this one song short due to time.

Song 11: ‘Turn It Off’ – Shai Linne

Mary: Begin song with Freddie Mercury. During chorus, every “Turn It Off” we switch to in the morning/at night. Next verse is LBC. Chorus, morning/at night. Final verse is heel taps. Chorus, morning/at night. Final verse, hold 6″.

Recover Recover, COT

Great morning to share some music, hopefully something new, and I have plenty of other recommendations across ALL genres if anyone is interested. I’m open to anything you guys might be listening to as well. I find that what goes in, is what comes out, so I try to listen to good stuff. I heard some slight mumble chatter due to the amount of cardio and repetition incorporated, and that was noted, however, I lost my notes.

We lifted prayers for Dr Porkchop and Beefsteak’s brother, and for strength for us to be Christ’s hope to others during the current and upcoming life struggles we may be facing.

Thanks men! – Woolly

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