E-Zing back into it after a holiday..

Muggy and miserable. 0510 YHC arrives early and matches the exercises to the AO. 0520 post the shovel flag. And the PAX roll in. 0530 give the disclaimer and roll.

Warm up: Weed pickers 15 Abe Vagodas 15 IC Runners stretch OYO. Not worthies 15 OYO. Finkle Swings 15 each leg OYO. Crossover kick toe touches 15 -IC. Touch floors OYO

The thang: Mosey to the drop zone.

Bear crawl curb walk all the way around the curb.

Mosey to the prayer path.

Descending merkins from 10 with 1 burpee at other end of lot.

Route 66 with SSH’s

Mosey to brick wall merkins 20 OYO.

Mosey to the gravel pit, pick your own curls 20 OYO

Zamperini to the drop zone skull crushers 20 OYO

Zamperini back to gravel pot and throw down your stones….. only to take them up again, psych. Chest press 20 ic

Throw down rocks for reals and mosey 1/2 way to prayer path. Circle up for bunny hops (donkey kicks) in honor of my grandson 20 OYO

3.5 Minutes of Mary

Low Dollie 15 ic

Little baby crunch 15 ic

Cindy Crawfords renamed Suzan Summers 15 each side

The Moleskine

More than one of the Pax noticed that your YHC claims to hate running but we sure did Mosey a lot. It was great to have F3 mayor downrange from Toledo hope to see him tomorrow at the hill or the pit.

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