Sweaty Balls with a chance of Swamp Ass

8 men posted in thick, muggy, swampy air








Jay-Z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX20

Shoulder Pretzels ICX20


Abe Vigodas ICX10

Flying Nun ICX10

Finkle Swings 10 each leg OYO

Hand Release merkins ICX10


Indian Run with 3 medicine balls up front

Runner coming from back grabs ball from 3rd guy in line

Ended at bottom of stairs in grass

PAX completed the following:

10 big boys with medicine ball

10 Merkins on the ball

10 Merkins off the ball

30 squats

40 Flutter kicks

Then run a stair suicide

5 to 6 rounds completed depending on animalistic qualities

Indian run back to flag



Hello Dolly ICX15

Pickle pointers ICX15

Flutter kicks ICX15

Pickle pounders ICX15


From 13 Monday to only 8 Wednesday. Have a few guys that need their weasel shaken. Lots of talk about balls today. Black balls, blue balls, sweaty balls, wet balls, the list goes on. Discussion even went so far as to describe the size and shape of a certain PAX manhood. It was settled on a “Tuna Can.” As always a good time was had by all as we ran our suicides past the social hour taking place in the shelter house. Hope to see more Kotters on Friday.

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