Choose your adventure

Weather: ~66, muggy, calm

Pax: Brickyard, McStuffins, Maize, Khaki, FNG Dave (now know as Sarge), and Nomad (Q)

Warmup: SSH IC x20, Kick with twist IC x20, weed pickers IC x20, overhead clap IC x20, mosey about 3/4 way around parking lot

Thang: Pax we’re told to choose A or B and then we did 50 of whatever they picked. It all hinged on the first pax picking A…which Khaki did…and then the plan fell into place.

Khaki…hand release mericans followed by a mosey

McStuffins…jump squats followed by a mosey

Maize…dips followed by a mosey

Brickyard…walking lunges followed by a mosey

Sarge…mericans followed by a mosey

Khaki…Carolina dry dock followed by a mosey

Mary: Box cutters IC x25, cork screw IC x15, low dolly IC x25, American hammers IC x20, low plank for remaining ~35 seconds

Recover, recover

Moleskin: an honor to Q at The Big EZ this morning. Everyone pushed themselves. The mind game that ensued from having to select A or B without knowing what they were getting into created some fun mumble chatter. There was some doubt that there was even really a choice at all but YHC revealed the winkie at the end showing the choices. Reminded YHC about the game of wits from The Princess Bride and we had some fun with lines from the movie. Brickyard wanted the Q to know that a lot of the exercises were repeats from a prior workout. Q reminded Brickyard that most of them are…welcome to F3.

Keep EHing! Thanks, men!


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