Should have borrowed some chalk

9 Pax posted on this 60 degree clear morning.  Daisy, Stache, Slit, Bouche, Pew Pew, Crabby PO, Bubblicious, Jay-Z, Piper QIC. 
Warm up
Maestro lap
Arm stretch
Leg stretch
Grass pickers IC x 15
Sprinkler IC x 15
Navy seal burpees x 10 OYO

Leg blaster (20 squats, 20 lunges, 10 jump lunges, and 10 jump squats)
Pull ups x 5
Flutter kicks x 40
3 amigos x 3
Hammer swings x 40
Side straddle hops x 40
Fist of wood

Rinse and repeat


V-Up roll ups x 10

Moleskin: Looked good on paper, turned out to be organized chaos. PAX divided up into two teams, Bravo and Charlie. Q should have borrowed some chalk from the crossfitters, they write all over the shelterhouse, they could surley spare some for some F3 graffiti on the sidewalk. The graffiti would have provided a little more direction. Thanks to Jay-z we have a new name for a modified farmer carry. When you have a 6×6 post cut to about 24 inches and grip that said post with one hand, it is a fist of wood. One team was better at carrying their wood than the other, resulting in the loss by the other team. A little chatter about sparkle this morning, he went on a 10-29 and has yet to be heard from, hope all went well.

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