Pain Stations

17 PAX at the Hill. Q – Khaki


Motivator (5)

10 Mountain Climbers

15 Weed pickers 

The Thang

PAIN Station 1

10x Burpees

20x Groiners

15x IC Merkins

20x IC Squats


PAIN Station 2

10x IC Dips

15x IC Spider Man Merkins

15x IC Carolina Dry Dock


PAIN Station 3

10x  Jump Squats

20x  IC Lunges

25x  Calf Raises


PAIN Station 4

Low Plank – 1:00 minute

10x IC In the Morning at Night

10x IC Bay City Scissors 

20x IC WW2 Situps 

25x IC LBC

Sprint up the back Hill // Total number of PAX that the Q beat to the top determined punishment reps — 20 Burpees in total

Repeat PAIN Station 1

10x Burpees

20x Groiners

15x IC Merkins

20x IC Squats

Mosey to rock pile

15x IC Curls

10x IC Overhead Press

15x IC Curls


20x IC LBC’s with legs held in the air

2 min plank

Recover Recover


What a great morning to get better! Welcome F3 Caviar and FNG Dustin. Good amount of mumblechatter to begin the warm up but it quickly disappeared as we got into the beatdown. Maize let the Q know that he didn’t enjoy the warm up being a combination of “exercises”, o well. Q doubted Motorboat on how many total PAX there were when trying to determine punishment and Motorboat thought he was right about the number of PAX the Q beat up the Hill but he wasn’t, therefore punishment was worse. PAX were out of breath after the Hill and a mosey which meant it was the perfect time for more burpees even though Nomad informed the Q that PAX had done them already. Fun to push our limits and get stronger each day! Always a pleasure men!

Khaki out

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