Cracky Bearboa

Perfect 64 degrees morning with 11 PAX reporting (unofficial number is 12 but Sparkle had another extract to discharge mission).

Posting: Bubblicious, Ariel, Brickyard, Motorboat, Jay-Z, Piper, Slit, Wapner, Maestro, Bailiff, Boucher (QIC)

Maestro Lap

Nipple Tweekers ICx2

Motivator x10

Hillbilly Walker x15

*Mosey to stairs

Cracky Bearboa

Rocky Balboa x20

Run up stairs then down next while holding Rocky pose with hands in the air.

Rocky Balboa x20

Run back up and down stairs while holding Rocky pose.

Merkins x20

Bear crawl up stairs

Crawl bear down hill

Merkins x20

Bear crawl up hill

Crawl bear down stairs

Big Boys x20

Crab walk up stairs then down hill

Big Boys x20

Crab walk up hill then down stairs

**Rinse and Repeat

* Indian Run around park and back to flag


Flying nun x20

Freddie Mercury’s x20 forward and backward

Flutter kicks x20

Monkey humper ring of fire

Gorilla humper x10

Moleskin: Had a great surprise with visiting members from the south coming to enjoy the gloom. Sparkles return but quick departure made his birthday celebration either seem more epic or more confusing. The Cracky Bearboa was challenging but went quicker than expected which caused backup exercises to be implemented. Information about upcoming events from Motorboat and Brickyard was exciting yet dreadful.

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