Grizzly block PT test

60ish degrees, clear skies, glorious

Disclaimer given. 7 pax at Grizzly – DCMB, Pappy, Wrigley, Cosmo, Zamboni, Zoolander (FNG 2nd post), Kitty (Q).

Warm-up – Moroccan night clubs ICx15, weed pickers ICx15, Abe Vigodas ICx10, Global Warming – change directions after pax name each of the 5 core values of F3 (fine display of coordination by YHC)

Thang – Block PT test. Baseline for new pax. All exercises are you vs you. YHC will report stats to weasel shaker.

  • KB swings (2 min AMRAP)
  • Curls (2 min AMRAP)
  • Zamboni, I mean Zamp, hold (for time)
  • Goblet squats (2 min AMRAP)
  • Overhead Press (2min AMRAP)
  • Block Merkins (2 min AMRAP)
  • 8 count man makers (2 min AMRAP)
  • Farmer carry w/ 2 cindys (for distance)

Mary – 20 block big boi’s OYO, flutters holding block in air ICx25

Excellent work pushing yourselves to get stronger, men! Zamboni educated pax on how PT test came about in F3 Indy, and boy we’re glad it did. Some mumble chatter about how fun it was to do O/H press followed by block merks followed by man makers. Happy to report that all blocks survived to live another day. A big welcome to (former FNG) Zoolander hitting his 2nd post this week! Awesome to see DCMB back in the gloom! Prayers for those in our lives going through financial and health struggles. Praises for those receiving holy sacraments. If you haven’t read it – go check out F3 “statement” about current times, then go do what you do every day – be a H.I.M. It is an honor to be in your company, brothers. Aye!

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