Poison Ivy

17 Pax posted on a beautiful 61 degree morning.

Q: Snaphook

Pax: Kindergarten Cop, Beefsteak, Chirp Chirp, Maize, Splatterski, Bumblebee, Motorboat, Optimus, Ladybird (downrange), Commodore, Pontoon, State, Wrigley, Headlock, Brickyard- AKA GroinStrain, & Logger

Brickyard was anxious to get started on Q source so he arrived very, very early. Pax circled up and enjoyed a variety of warm ups

SSH, Finkle Swings, Weed Pickers, Sprinkler (YHC Fail), **However Mrs. Snaphook was lured into my arms back in the day due to my dancing skills. that story is for another day. & finally Flying Sun Gods

Mosey to West lot

Thing 1. Exercise parking lot rows then 20 mericans at each stop, hold plank. Lunge Walks, Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, & Duck Walks.

Thing 2. Mosey to Hill. 10 Burpees – quick feet down the hill, 10 Burpees- Bernie Sanders (run backwards) up the hill. rinsed and repeated for a bit.

Thing 3. Mosey to East Parking Lot. Laps around 4 islands with prisoner squats at end of each lap. 3x. Pax broke into groups to help with social distancing.

Thing 4. Escalate reps after each lap. Run the stairs, Stop for Stagger Mericans. run west to path, then back to lower lot for Overhead Claps. 5/10/15/20..

Mary: Pickle Pointers, Flutter Kicks, Hallelujah Flutter Kicks. Low Dolly, Hallelujah Low Dolly, all ICx10, then 20 something LBC’s.

YHC mentioned a recent battle with one thing I truly have a hatred for, Poison Ivy. when prepping this beatdown I thought let’s do a few things I hate, or maybe don’t love.. (crawling of any sort & burpees) vs the stuff I like. clearly flunked Q school, or i’m trying to improve on a few areas.. Lots of encouragement among the Pax. & Some mumble chatter, some provoked mumble chatter… luckily YHC couldn’t hear it well. Beefsteak cheated @ thing 4, tried to take a shortcut, & a shouting match nearly broke out. Great COT with wisdom and encouragement spoken about the times we are in. Appreciate you all, always a pleasure. – Snaphook

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