5/27/2020 – Cosmo’s Revenge 

Rainy, low 60s F


SSH x 25 IC

Week Pickers x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x25 IC

Wind Mills x 10 IC

Motivator from 8

Mosey around the parking lot

The Thang

Partner run/exercise workout with compound moves (1 partner performs the move, other runs 400 m, then switch).  Total exercises are additive.

Side Balance Merkins – 75

Gas Pumps/Big Boi Situps – 75

Jump Squats – 100

Double stuff Burpees (two back thrusts, merkins, jumps) – 30 (these were fun)

Recover, Recover



Q:  Cosmo

Pax:  Motorboat, Nomad,  Cornwallis, Khaki, Kitty, Wrigley, Commodore, Dr. Porkchop, Pontoon-19


10 Pax posted at Grizzly for a Cosmo’s Revenge workout.  Q’s idea was to take from the ‘lazy partner’ workout (posted by Logger) by doing some compound workout moves and less running.  Q quickly learned that revenge is never a good answer, especially when double effort is required.  Everyone received a good beatdown with ample mumble chatter and encouragement (which always make the Q happy).

Awesome to see Commodore and Pontoon-19 at Grizzly today (their first visit) and an awesome surprise to have this size of group to workout week!  There were some prayer requests shared during the COT, so please keep these in mind (wisdom and family health).

Thanks men for adapting with the Q today and for encouraging one another to get better!

Keep passing it out, keep posting, keep getting better!

Always a privilege,




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