Crazy Game of Poker…

7 PAX posted this morning in the gloom.  Weather was a balmy 64 degrees with the smell of moisture in the air.

  • Jay-Z
  • Piper
  • Boucher
  • Dasiy
  • Crabby PO – QIC
  • Stache
  • Wapner

Warm UP:

  • Maestro Lap
  • Arm and Leg Stretching OYO
  • Grass Pickers
  • Bat Wing

Mosey to Happy Place.

Thang:  Crazy game of Poker!

Pax used a deck of cards (courtesy of The Farmers Bank) for a fun game of chance this morning.  Each card 2-A was paired with a specific exercise.  The number of reps depended on the suit of the card drawn.  Clubs = 10 reps, Diamonds = 20 reps, Hearts = 30 reps, and Spades = 40 reps.  Exercises are as follows:

2-Hillbilly Walkers, 3-Incline Merkins, 4-Squats, 5-Flutter Kicks, 6-Air Press, 7-Merkin, 8-Drop Lunge, 9-LBC’s, 10-Decline Merkins, J-Jump Squats, Q-Freddie Mercury’s, K-Hand Release Merkins, A-Monkey Humpers, and the Jokers = 10 Burpo’s.

Pax were split into two teams for a couple rounds of poker.  Took the drawn cards and alternated between the teams until ten cards were drawn and the best hand won.  winners stayed and did SSH while the losers ran a Maestro lap.   Team not orange shirts won the day with two winning hands to the orange team’s one.



Mary was included in the Thang.


Pax spent the morning somewhat “happier” at the Happy Place today.  Well until Boucher cut the cards and YHC drew a lot of Jump Squats and HRM.  Way too many HRM.  Good solid workout that will be sure to bring some soreness.

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