Fun Run


Weather – Calm, moist 35 degrees. Felt warmer than the temperature.

PAX – Bubbilicous & Stache


4.0 mile run

Stop for 10 burpees every half mile until the daily quota (34) was achieved


The first of what will hopefully be many Tuesday/Thursday optional days for anyone in the Blackcat group. The goal is to provide the opportunity to supplement the normal 3 day workout with some cardio and recovery-type workouts, but still burn some calories.

Our Crossfit Reconnaissance Mission was a success and we believe we remained undetected. PAX were running so fast that multiple flybys were needed to obtain intel. With our previous knowledge of the terrain, force-oriented reconnaissance was the assignment.

It was discovered that our local cross-fitters are scared of the dark. The shelter house was lit up like Boucher on Black Wednesday at the Rosscommon in his high school letter jacket.

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