CoronaLand Rules

8 PAX in attendance on a brisk 40 degree morning for a little Corona/Zombie Apocalypse training. The internet told me the Corona virus could mutate into a zombie virus any day now. So, we better arm ourselves with rules of survival.

Crabby Po, Daisy, Piper, Stache, Wapner, Bouche, Humdinger, and Bubblicious (QIC)

Rule #18- Limber Up

Maestro Lap, SSH x20 IC, Grass Pickers x 15 IC, Tempo Air Squats x 10 IC, Leg stretches OYO


Rule # 20-It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless its a sprint, then, sprint!

Indian Run around the park perimeter and back to flags. ~10min

Slowsey with your blocks to the Happy Place

Rule #8-Get a K.A. Partner

Dora:100 Pull Ups, 200 LBC’s, 300 Air Squats while partner performs Farmer Carries around the parking lot.

Several Pax were quite excited to work their way around the…ummm…parking lot pattern. Black Block honoree Stache performed jumping squats like a champ.

Rule #1-Cardio

Short Indian Run that was supposed to be an inaugural attempt at the Black Snake Run. Next time.

Slowsey back to flags with your blocks

Rule #21-Avoid Strip Clubs(See Mary instead)

MARY:American Hammers x40, Flutters x40, Big Boys x20


Plenty of chatter about too much cardio, but the Pax did exceptionally well. Rule #29 was skipped due to time constraints, and thus the Pax missed their 26 burpees in The Thang. Thankfully, an impromptu burpee session post MARY put everyone on the level with our March Burpee Overlords.

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