TWoC 1- Fun with Legos


The Hill (Run/Ruck)

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Khaki, Motorboat, Headlock, Nomad, State, Logger, Wrigley, Clancy, Dr. Porkchop, Maize, Chirp Chirp, Bumble Bee, Snaphook

Disclaimer given

The group will work together to construct a lego structure from memory.
Pax will push the truck across the parking lot while one pax is sitting in the truck looking at the image (see above).
Once we get to the other light pole that person gets out and tries to assemble the structure.
Rinse and repeat until the structure is completed perfectly.
Runners ran around the parking lot while the truck was being pushed.

The task was completed after just 3 pax! (way faster than YHC anticipated).


The Ruckers went on a ruck: total of 2.5 miles (including the lego exercise)
The Runners went on a run and ran 3.57 miles!

Recover Recover!

-This workout was inspired by my friend Gnarly Goat in Lake Norman. You may have heard him lately on the COT podcast and he is the one who named me. The one is for you Goat 🐐
-I think having the larger lego blocks made it easier than I anticipated, but kudos to the guys for figuring it out so quickly.
-Way to bust it Runners getting in 3.57 miles and being a part of the lego building!
-We eased our way into TWoC, but tomorrow we will get after it and put in the work.


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