TWoZ Day 5: Flex Friday

11 PAX posted for the fifth installment of the Zamboni apocalypse. So far we’ve done a  MURPH, HIIT, a rescue challenge, and a throwback beatdown. The one thing missing in all of this…coupons. Billy doesn’t count…he is our trusted comrade.


Warm Up:

Slow squats

Arm Circles


Seal jacks

The Thang:

40 minutes on the clock to finish as many rounds of the following exercises (10 reps each):

Calf raises

Goblet Squats



Standing block raise and twist

Decline Merkins

Block merkin Toby Maguires

Chest press

Block Press Flutter Kicks

Skull Crushers

Zamboni Curls

Plank with hand on block

Jump feet in

Low squat curl





We’re nearing the end of the Zamboni apocalypse and the PAX are cutting corners wherever they can. Chirp Chirp gave some reason to peace out early and Khaki tried to sneak by with the “my dog ate my block” excuse. Luckily for Khaki, Billy was there to accompany him. We only made it through 4 rounds of the Thang, but we felt every rep. The Zamboni apocalypse comes to a close tomorrow with a ruck titled, “Saved by the Bell”



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