A little arm love to end the month

18 degrees, cloudy skies, brisk cool morning for 9 PAX for the last workout in February 2020- Wapner, Humdinger, Ghost, CrabbyPO, Jay-Z, Piper, Shamu, Popeye, Daisy-QIC


Arm stretches OYO

Sprinkler- 15IC,

Batwing- modified to 10 with what was to come

Willy Mays Hayes OYO

Stretch whatever may be tight from Wednesday.


Top Gun- 10 minute workout, 10 reps of Skull Crushers, Upward Rows, Curls, Squats, Side Lunges with 3 burpees at each one minute interval.


10 kettle block swings/ 10 Imperial Walkers- mosey to intersection

3 sets of Worst Worst Merkins- mosey to Happy Place

10 Dips/ 10 Wing nuts- Mosey to Pool house

10 Alternating Shoulder Taps


Tunnel of Love

Windshield wipers 10IC




While the numbers were a little light today- a strong workout was had by the PAX that got out in the gloom. The morning started by observing Jay-Z paying off his bet for not having faith in the Boilers to win the game last night. 10 burpees it was. Not much chatter during Top Gun- not sure if it was due to keeping count or sucking wind. But getting in some burpees in preparation of March, didn’t hurt too much. As we made our way through the workout, it was asked by YHC if anyone had gotten a photo for the before and after of the “one-armed warrior” as we wonder how much larger Wapner’s muscles will be in his left arm since his right shoulder is awaiting surgery after tax season- but proud of him for pushing through. (Ahem- note to all you fartsackers out there). Tunnel of love only seemed appropriate to end the month of love, and a debate was had as we wrapped up that Piper claimed he tried to give Jay-Z’s mother a break this week by keeping comments to a minimum…. not sure all agreed with that statement. All in all, a good morning to wrap up the month. Ready for spring weather to get here and I hope you are all ready to bring on the burpees!!!!

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