“I’m tired of running”

10 PAX posted
29° snow falling, roads moist

Pew Pew
Jay-z (QIC)

Maestro Lap
Abe Vigodas ICX10
Skaters ICX10
Grass pickers ICx15
Sprinklers ICx15
Hand release merkins ICX10

Mosey to happy place
Crowd pleaser pyramid up to 5 and back down
Leg blaster

Mosey to bottom of stairs
10 irkins
10 derkins
Paula Abdul up the stairs
In shelter house, jump up to picnic table seat then step with right leg to the top X5
Repeat only lead with left leg
Mosey out south end of shelter house, down the street to the bike path, down the hill, back to bottom of stairs

Monkey humper ROF x5 reps

Mosey to flag

Pickle pointer ICx15
Crunch while holding a boat ICX10

A heavy cardio workout for the second day in a row. This beat down had the men who ran prior to the workout sucking air! One such PAX upon completion said, “I’m tired of running this morning.” Another said, “Well, I know what I’m not doing on Friday.” The short and sweet Pre-Blast seemed to work. We had double digits “show up.” We missed a couple due to illness. Hope everyone else stays healthy.  Keep it going. Consistency pays. Good workout

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