Valentine’s Night Prep

Weather 3 frigid, snow covered



Crabby PO









Wapner QIC


Maestro lap

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Nipple tweakers IC x15

Grass pickers IC x15

Annie IC x10

J-Los IC x10

Suzanne Somers IC x15

Willie Mayes Hayes

Mosey to main shelter


Valentine’s themed music with mosey back and forth between main shelter and sh!tter

Proud Mary (Big boys, gas pumps, flutter kicks, gas pumps, R&R)

Roxanne (SSHs, 2 jump lunges at “Roxanne” / squat at “red light”)

Flower aka Bring Sally Up (merkins or modified to boat / canoe)

Get Lucky (Al Gore / jump squats at “get lucky”)

Big O ICx5 OYO x10

Mosey to flag


Super Big Sexy:

Pickle pointers IC x20

Pickle pounders IC x15

Monkey humpers IC x15

Gorilla humpers IC x15

Hot Ass Lisas IC x15

Dolly IC x15

Rosalita IC x15



11 PAX emerged from their vehicles at about 5:29 and a half, except for Piper who was alleged to be hotboxing (neither Porkchop nor Gas Man present to confirm or deny). No faces visible except for Slit trying to impress everyone and steal Stache’s identity. There’s no way to sugar coat it… it was miserably cold, but even the cold and slick pavement can’t keep us away. The Valentine’s themed songs brought plenty of pain and a couple had to be cut short (Get Lucky is over 6 minutes long after all). We discovered that the robots in Get Lucky sound a lot like Stephen Hawking. Some of the PAX were premature with the jump squats and recommendations were made about avoiding that problem later. New exercise Big O is impossible to count. Q was moving slow on the mosey back and limped through Mary. It’s always good to get the hardest part of the day done first and that’s especially true when it’s this cold. Everyone be sure to take care of the M tonight!

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