Mixed Egg Beatdown

F3 mixed eggs

9 PAX posted at Grizzly for a mixed egg workout. If you don’t understand the reference, check out the F3 podcast.


Warm Up

Mosey to bathrooms and back


Mountain climbers

Sun Salutations

The Thang

4 corners

Burpees x5

Merkins x10

Nippler x15

Big Boy Sit Ups x20

Partner Up

Catch me if you can to shelter

P1 SSH x10, P2 backwards run


Step ups / Air squats

Dips / Dry Docks

Dirty Hook Up / Groiners

Tabata 30:10



Flutter Kicks

Slowsy to the start

Recover x2


We learned that doing a lot of dirty hook ups will really light your shoulders on fire. Q invited PAX to “rub it out” during the merkin tabata…and I’m not sure PAX ever got back on track after that comment. Thanks for posting!


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