Block Love

9 PAX posted

29° calm



Pew Pew






Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Around the world with a partner and a block x10

Monkey humpers ICX15

LBAC ICX15 forward and reverse

Grass Pickers ICx15

Motivator from 10

Hillbilly walkers ICX15


Partner up facing each other with a block approximately 10 yards apart

10 skull crushers each

Lunge walk with block to meet in center

10 merkins with block on back each PAX

10 squats with block each PAX

Lunge walk back with block

Repeat 9,8,7….down to 1

Mosey to playground

10 dips

10 side crunches while hanging from monkey bars


1 minute wall sit

30 seconds one legged wall sit

30 seconds other leg

1 minute Rockey Balboa

30 seconds rest



Big Boy with block and partner-pass the block at the top x5

American Hammer with block x10


It was wise for Wapner and his one arm to stay home as those of us with 2 arms smoked them both. It was a good full body workout this morning but our arms took a beating. Not a lot of mumble. One comment of “this sucks Jay-z” and “that block is heavier don’t bring it back” was heard amongst the groans. It should be noted that as we were departing Boucher noticed the Donkey came to the fence and began calling Popeye’s name. This kind gesture by the Donkey got a response from Popeye, “There he is, that SOB.”

Until Friday…stay strong, my friends

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