Lucky 13

17 PAX posted at The Hill in 30 ish degree weather with a light wind.

Disclaimer given.

To keep it simple, we rucked from The Hill south to Founders Park. Q overheard a PAX say we covered ~3.18 miles total.

At Founders Park we stopped and circled up for a few exercises. In honor of Q’s 13th F3 post, the PAX did:

13 air squats with our packs overhead;

13 air squats with our packs at our chest;

13 air squats with our packs hanging between our legs;

13 left leg lunges with our packs overhead; and

13 right leg lunges with our packs overhead.

As we were headed back north to The Hill, half of the group planked in the grass by an intersection while the other half caught up. Just wondering what passers by must have been thinking.

Coffee and fellowship afterwards.

Moleskin: Survived my VQ. Brickyard managed to make a guy walking toward us make an about face and start running away. We now have a reputation of being more of a street gang than a F3 group. One FNG (Rock Baby). Prayers lifted up for the family of Noonan and F3 Naperville. Prayers also that we will help each other carry the weight of our lives we so often times try to carry ourselves. And more so that we will humble ourselves and allow God to take that weight off of our shoulders, as only He can.

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