Dora took some steroids….

17 degrees and cold

13 PAX- Piper, Popeye, Patches, Warner, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Bubblicious, Pew Pew, Stache, Slit, Maestro, Boucher, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder Pretzels 20IC

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 20IC

Sprinkler w/ legs 15IC

Side Lunges 10IC

Stretch whatever is tight in the brisk

Mosey to happy place with blocks

Squirkins 10OYO

Power Merkins 10OYO

Mosey to basketball courts with Blocks

The thang

Doracides on steroids

Partner does exercise while other does a suicide. Block punishment- alternate high knees and buttkickers during suicides

100 skull crushers

200 block curls

300 squats

200 renegade rows

Partner carry blocks back to happy place

Batwing 20IC

Leg Blaster


Freddy Mercury 20IC

Box Cutters 10IC

J-Los- 10OYO


13 braved the elements to partner up and take a beat down from Dora. This is the first time that YHC remembers using blocks for Doracides and the burn was real! After using the blocks and finishing with leg blaster and bat wings- it felt like if you weren’t burning before those surely finished the job. Not an excessive amount of chatter today. Not sure if that was the workout or the cold- but when all was said and done- it was agreed that most were no longer cold- mission accomplished! Hoping to see more out on Wednesday as Bubblicious will be bringing the workout!