Into the Dark

15 PAX posted for the third installment of F3 Fishers, now officially known as, “GRIZZLY”. The weather was 27°F and clear, and the PAX were excited to get to it.

The goal of today was to slow down the pace a little and begin to explain how to put together a F3 workout to the newer PAX (It’s never too early to Q!). Disclaimer was given and we moseyed to the basketball court to warm up.

Warm Up

SSH x20 ic

Mountain Climbers x20 ic

Weed Pickers x10 ic

Windmill x10 ic

The Thang

Fire Drill

PAX chop in circle, when PAX yells, “FIRE”, all PAX stop-drop-n-roll


Noah’s Ark – PAX circled up around the “hill” and practiced their trips to the ark 2×2

Bear [crawl]

Frog [hop]


Crab [walk]

Duck [walk]

Kangaroo [hop]

Komodo dragon [walk]

Mosey to what we found was the darkest area of Brooks School Park

Dora 1-2-3

PAX 1 runs to the playground and back while PAX 2 exercises. Flip Flop until all of the following exercises are completed:

100 merkins

200 LBCs

300 air squats



Low Dolly



C-Sit Gas Pumps

American Hammer

Recover Recover!


I left today’s workout with mixed feelings – on one hand, I feel like I let men down with a pretty lackluster beatdown; on the other hand, I was proud of the FNGs (now Peacock and G-String) for busting out the reps during the Dora 1-2-3. Maybe some of the weird feelings were just because Dr. Porkchop showed up before the beatdown started…idk. 

The dark proved challenging, as illustrated by DC running into G-String on our mosey back for Mary. It will take some getting used to this new park, but I’m excited about all of the energy surrounding the new AO. So far, Grizzly has had 8 FNGs over the past 3 workouts! Nomad called out The Hill folks for EHing a whopping 0 FNGs…I’m looking forward to a possible rebuttal tomorrow with Kneehigh’s Q.

I am already working on my Q for the 14th at The Hill…it’s going to be a snotwoggle in every sense of the word. Here’s the link to the lexicon if you want to look up the term before Tuesday.

Until next time,


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