HeartBreak Dora.

QIC showed up on time to start with warm-ups. 11 PAX posted for a comfortable but damp morning. Warner, Boucher, Shamu, Rite Aide, Bubblicious (welcome), Popeye, CrabbyPO, Sparkle, Snuka, Toomah, and QIC Maestro.


10 Merkins

20 Mountain Climbers

Heel stretches

Leg stretch, foot to hands and sunrise pose

Grass Pickers and stretches

Shoulder pretzels and arm stretches

Arm circles

Mosey to the HP for

Motivator from 10

Mosey to the HILL

Heartbreak Dora

100 Leg Lifts

200 Big Boys

300 Hillbilly Walkers

Not enough time for Lazy Dora

Run to the Shelter for Dips x10

Run to the Restrooms for Burpees x5

Back tot the shelter for Dips x10.

Mosey to MOM

10 Count Canoe Hold followed by 5 LBCs x5.

Upward to Downward Dogs x2 with leg lifts

COR, NOR (Welcome Bubblicious), & COT

Moleskin: Quiet morning without Piper and Jay-Z. Hope they are well or recovering. Tumah showed up to clear his sinuses but to no avail. Get some rest we’ll see you again soon.

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