Monday Ruck or Run Day – 11/18/19

Weather: 28 or 33 degrees depending on the thermometer you are looking at. Mostly cloudy and some sleet towards the end.


  • State
  • Nomad
  • Headlock
  • Logger
  • Tulip
  • Runner Up

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: Tulip and Runner Up headed West on their ruck, getting in a few miles.

The Runners: State, Nomad, Headlock, Logger headed South down to Founders Park and back.

Moleskin: Headlock was quick to request a flatter route this morning, no complaints from anyone about that. The run group was pretty quite this morning. State gave a quick overview of Eisenhower’s life. Runner Up joined us from Pittsburgh, he’d been talking to Motorboat who fartsacked. He’ll be joining us all week!

Thanks Men!

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