F3 Photo Shoot

18 men posted in the 35°F weather to try to get some action shots to help spread the word about F3. With 4 PAX coming in hot from QSource (YHC included), the disclaimer was given as we started our warm up.

Warm Up

Mosey with variations


Seal Jacks

Weed Pickers

The Thang

Tunnel of…something.

We began with a twist on the fan favorite, “Tunnel of Love”. PAX did a wall sit while the man on the end did an Army Crawl through the danger zone. Between quads burning and the fear of a PAX ripping one, we modified halfway through from wall sit to decline plank.


COP 1: more legs

Ring of Fire exercise where PAX held Al Gore while each man took a turn doing a burpee, before R&R with double burpee duty.


Noah’s Ark (Bear, Kangaroo, Crab, Inchworm, Duck)


Partner Exercise with P1 on Feel the Bern while P2 did squats before flip flop and R&R until a cumulative 300 squats were completed. After some grumbling at the beginning, we rotated pairs from shorter side of the hill to the taller side.


COP2: chest, arms, & lots of shoulders

30 Overhead Claps IC

10 dry docks IC

10 Werkins IC

5 Merkins IC

5 dry docks IC

5 Werkins IC

6 Merkins IC


In The Morning Time Bomb

In The Morning / At Night


Recover Recover


It was great seeing so many men this morning. There was a real energy around trying to grow this region and get the word out. It was also great seeing the two OGs Brickyard and Cosmo getting after it. T-CLAPS goes to Khaki for sacrificing most of his workout so he could grab pictures of PAX. Unfortunately, my master plan included sunlight that I thought would come with the time change, but we spent the morning in the dark. We still grabbed some photos and we look forward to seeing who they can help us reach.

Until next time,


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