11/5/2019 – Cardio Gumby (a little bit of Yoga) Workout

We’re not professionals….no one is responsible for you, except you…modify if/when needed.

Warm up 

SSH x25 IC

Slerkins (slow merkins) x10 IC

Global Warming

Jump and Lean x10 IC

Modified Indian Run – Normal Indian Run, line did a variety of run, bear crawl, side bear crawl and slides

Tibetan 5 Rights x10 each movement

Little bit of Yoga

Crescent pose

Warrior 1,2,3,reverse

Stretch bottom to top

Slowsy to the cars



Low 40s F and Clear, pretty nice

PAX:  Logger,  Maize, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad, Motorboat, Cornwallis, Beefsteak, Headlock, Brickyard, Snooki, Tulip, State, Dry Rub, Khaki, Streaker (FNG), Bueller (FNG), Cosmo (Q)

17 Pax!!!! gathered for a Cardio-Gumby-Yoga workout.  First Gumby in colder weather, however all PAX did very well. Mumblechatter was good, especially as some were ‘complaining’ that the Indian Run seemed like bootcamp…and others were making fun of the Qs bridge flexibility.  YHC will address these issues in another beatdown Q.  Overall nice work men….appreciate the rising up against the struggle of Yoga to continually approve.

YHC is thankful and humbled at the welcome of his 2.0s this morning…great to have a group of men they can look up to, treat them like ‘men in training’ and bust their chops in a man-like way….much appreciated!  The F3 names were awesome as well…..thanks to Cornwallis for humbly taking the naming duties….fine job!

Keep up the good work…and keep passing it on.

Always a privilege,



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