The “original” workout

9 pax posted on a clear 44 degree morning. Wapner, Jay-z, Humdinger, Boucher, Shamu, Slit, Stache, Pew Pew, and Piper (QIC)

Warmup: Maestro lap, Sprinklers ICx15, Grass pickers IC x 15, Arm and leg stretch OYO, and Motivator from 10.


4 min Indian run – 1 min Merkins

4 min Indian run – 1 min flutter kicks

4 min Indian run – 1 min burpees

4 min Indian run – 1 min big boys

4 min Indian run to Mary

6 Minutes of Mary:

Bicycles forward x 25

Bicycles reverse x 25

In and outs x 25

Crunchy frog x 15

Straight leg alternating sit ups x 30

Climb legs x 24 (12 right, 12 left leg)

Moleskin: Good work this morning, about 2.75 miles logged on the Indian runs. Some good chatter about putting Jay-Z in a groupme time out after the pre blast is offered up. It was also mentioned that maybe it would be best if PB were more vague, motivation is stymied when pax know what they are getting into.

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