Tights plus shorts

10 Pax posted on this clear 44 degree morning. Popeye, Pew Pew, Jay-z, Daisy, Shamu, Stache, Wapner, Maestro, Crabby PO, Piper (QIC)

Warm up: Maestro lap, and deconstructed burpees (10 squats, 10 leg thrusts, and 10 merkins). Followed by 1 mile run to happy place.

Thang: Circuit of:

Kettle bell swings x 25 (pax choice of 25, 35, or 45 lbs KB)

Jump rope x 50 rotations

Rogue 100 lbs sand bag over shoulder toss x 5

Rogue 100 lbs feed sack 40 yard carry

Pull ups x 5

Merkins x 10

Air Squats x 15

Maestro lap x 1

Flutter kicks x 25

Dips x 20

Swing rows x 10

Rinse and repeat.


Bicycles x 25 oyo

Vup roll ups x 12 oyo

Crunchy frog x 15 oyo

Flutter kicks x 25 IC

Moleskin: Good effort put out by all this morning. 1.5 – 2 miles where covered by pax. With the cool crisp morning Jay-z suggested that tights were in order, thankful that no one decided to pull a peter pan and do tights only, in the gloom its always tights plus shorts.

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