Countdown in the Park: Friday 10/4/19

10 PAX posted on this cool, crisp 50 degree morning

Crabby PO
T bone
Pew pew
VQ Sparkle (VQIC)

Maestro lap
Bat Wings x10 IC
Squats x15 IC
Willie Mays Hayes

Mosey to the Happy Place

Thang: 12 down to none

Start with 12, subtract 1 each round till time:

Big Bois
Lunges (each leg)
Leg Raises
Box Jumps
Flutter kicks (each leg)

Between each round jog around island and snack house

Mosey to Flag


American Hammers x20 IC
BananaSuperman x2 minute(switch every 10s)
Bicycle Crunches x15 IC
Plank and bring leg to opposite elbow x30 IC
Elbow Plank x1 min


Site Q Crabby PO here.  Awesome VQ beatdown by Sparkle this morning.  Tons of midwife noises from the PAX topped off with a rousing game of “what’s that smell” during the snack house jogs.  Piper had a few choice works for VQIC and is still striking out with Jay-Z’s mom.  Looking forward to Sparkle’s next beatdown.  Until then Cheers.


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