Still doesn’t know her name

10 Pax posted on a comfortable 61 degree Friday. Jay Z, Piper, Crabby Po, Pew Pew, Ghost, Sparty, Shamu, T bone r, FNG Jeff, Q Popeye.

Rolling warm up, mosey a short distance and do a warm up exercise and repeat. Warmup included SSH, Grasspickers, WMH, Hand release Merkins, arm stretches and Bat wing.


Bear Crawl ring of Fire

20, 40, 60, 80

20 was Pax choice between Pull ups, Swing Tyson, incline or decline merkins.

Run to the bathroom area for 40 dips

Run to the big shelter house for 60 LBC’s

Run to the road for 80 Jump Squats

Repeat in reverse order 40, 30, 20, 10 Q decided to do regular squats instead of jump squats for the second round.

Mosey to flag for Mary:

Flutter kicks, heal touches, and Thunderstruck

Some complaining about 80 jumps squats and bear crawl ring of Fire after bat wing. Some moans about Thunderstruck, but we made it through. We worked up a good sweat and increased our cardio. Hopefully we will have a better turn out on Monday.

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