Monday Ruckday 9/16/19

Weather: 66 degrees and humid


  • Headlock
  • Motorboat
  • Nomad
  • Logger

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: We all rucked together to prep for Tuesday’s IronPax Week 3 challenge. We rucked down to the pull up bars and 5 Burpees, 10 Curls, 10 Squat Thrusters. Then we all started doing gas pumps while each pax rotated through to get in 5 pull ups. We then rucked back up to the parking lot and did a full lap (about 800 meters) to get the blood flowing.

Moleskin: With the possibility of an FNG showing up and Tuesday’s work out hanging over our head, we wanted to loosen up and feel active while not over doing it. It was a good start to the day activity wise and excellent conversation that I really needed.

Thanks Men!

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