Mata Mile

66 with a good sunrise. low humidity. Excellent for a workout

Pax: Cosmo, Bloomer, and Motorboat as Q.

Disclaimer given

No warm up as we were going to get warm in the workout.

Thang: The Mata Mile.
Ruck 400 meters
3 min Max squats with ruck
Ruck 400 Meters
3 min Plank hold – props to Cosmo for keeping his ruck on the whole time
Ruck 400 meters
3 min lunges
Ruck 400 meters
3 min Flutter kicks – props again to cosmo for keeping ruck overhead the entire time

Grab sandbags (110, 40, 20) and complete another mile switching sandbags as needed.

Finish the morning with just a little yoga stretching.

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Excellent morning getting to talk with Cosmo and Bloomer and learn more about them. This is one of the 4 workouts for the GORUCK august challenge. Earn a free patch for doing the work outs this month. Sad to see that we only had 3 people this morning. Hopefully with school starting back up we can get more men at the workouts. Get healthy and get right. See you in the gloom!


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