Birthday Block Party

The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: DC, Short Story, Motorboat, Snooki, Thumper, Brickyard, Kindergarten Cop, Nomad, Tulip, Logger, Headlock, Khaki, State


Warm-o-rama (38 for my birthday) all IC
SSH x 19
Windmill x 19
IST x 19
Rocky Balboa’s x 19
Mericans x 19
Mtn. Climbers x 19

Zamperini cinderblocks over to the round about in front of Capstone. Partner up for Dora 1-2-3 with cinderblocks.
100 Squat Press
200 block swings
*300 curls (YHC called an audible after 100 of these and switched it to 200)
Hold Al Gore until everyone finishes.

Mosey over to the hill w/o blocks. Run to the crosswalk, do 38 burpees and then run to the top of the hill and hold plank.

*50 Flutter kicks IC (to make up the other 100 from Dora)
In the Morning, At night x 6ish
2 minute elbow plank

Recover Recover

-Thanks for everyone coming out today. Knowing you all will be there every day is the helps me get out of bed!
-Everyone worked so hard today and gave it all they had. Lots of guys encouraging one another, giving high fives, and picking up the 6.
-This workout was designed with Iron Pax Challenge in mind to help us start preparing for September. Iron Pax Challenge is an F3Nation-wide competition to determine who the 2019 IronPax is. This is a well rounded, 4 week challenge where we do prescribed exercises, track our times, reps, etc. and report them to see how you stack up against other pax and other regions. It’s a lot of fun but also really tough.
-Keep EHing guys. There are many men just waiting to be asked to come out to F3. There are many excuses, few of which are good. Keep at it!
-Lastly, don’t forget to sign up to Q. F3 only works if pax are leading the workouts. The more people that lead the better. The more you Q the better you get. You don’t get better by not trying. We are here to support you. We all had to start somewhere. Just do it!
State is your guy to talk to for Weekday Q’s and Maize is your guy for Saturday Ruck Q’s.


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