Jack This!

Weather 57, pouring rain tapering off to sprinkle, moist everywhere




Crabby PO

Pew Pew



Wapner QIC


Arm/leg stretches

Grass pickers IC x15

Race to main shelter

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

SSHs IC x25



Draw a Card – Aces 100 reps, face cards 25 reps, all others number plus 10 reps

7♥️ Bear crawl

K♥️ Mtn. climbers

6♠️ Jumping lunges

7♠️ Monkey humpers

Q♦️Diamond merkins

8♠️ Backward lunges

4♦️ Carolina dry docks

2♣️ WWII Sit-ups

3♥️ Sprint 300 M.

3♠️ Wojo Squats

J♥️ Plank Jacks

8♣️ Luge

5♠️ Lunges

10♥️ Butt kicks

3♣️ High, slow flutter kicks

A♥️ SSHs

2♠️ Bulgarian split squats

Q♥️ Burpees

Q♣️ Freddie Mercury

6♦️ Wide arm merkins

9♥️ High knees

7♣️ LBCs

8♥️ Squat thrusts

2♦️ Hand clap merkins

10♦️ Incline merkins

J♠️ Smurf jacks

3♦️ Chuck Norris merkins

5♣️ Oblique crunches

9♣️ High plank (90 sec.)


No time – plenty of Mary in the cards



Woke up to pouring rain and 7 PAX sacked up to brave the elements while others sacked down into the fartsack. Maestro arrived on time so no Maestro Lap was called for. Instead of Daisy planned beatdown a pinch hit Q for cards in the shelter was agreed upon. Started with very brief warmup then race to the shelter to finish the warmup. Maestro selected to cut the deck so everything that followed was his responsibility. A big thanks to Pew Pew and Daisy for knowing all the exercises and raising the level of difficulty by quite a bit. Plenty of “jacking” done today – between that and the burpees and squat thrusts a pretty good time.

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