5/16/2019 – Cardio Gumby Yoga Workout  and Logger’s Stuff

We’re not professionals….no one is responsible for you, except you…modify if/when needed.

Warm up

SSH x20 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Motivator from 5

The Thang #1 – Cardio

Mosey to the first parking lot light

10 Burpees OYO as fast as you can

Mosey to second parking lot light

10 speed squats OYO as fast as you can

Mosey to third parking lot light

10 pick jacks OYO as fast as you can

Mosey to fourth parking lot light

10 merkins OYO as fast as you can

Mosey to middle parking lot light

The Thang #2 – Yoga


Warrior 1,2,3

The Thang #3 – Stretch

Stretch bottom to top

The Thang #4 – Logger’s stuff

Assign currently unassigned PAX to teams using the very manly rock-scissors-paper method

Preview of EOM competition

Shifting plank – PAX in plank position then shifting left, right, center – x2

Shifting squat – PAX in plank position then shifting left, right, center – x2

Flutter kicks

Low Dolly

High Dolly



Upper 40s F is and Clear….NO WIND and Beautiful

PAX:  Logger, Brickyard, State, Strudel, Groupee, Maize, Kindergarten Cop (FNG Welcome), Nomad, Motorboat, Cornwallis, Tulip, Cosmo

12 Pax gathered for a Cardio Yoga Gumby workout (that was a bit overdue) and a preview session of the EOM team competition.  Warm up went well and most PAX were excited to only motivate from 5.  Cardio square was fun and moved pretty fast with some suitable mumble chatter.  Yoga and stretch went well and YHC is always encouraged to see the PAX improvement (I saw many more PAX lower front legs in the Warrior positions….NICE WORK).  Logger jumped in with some assignment and instruction….then poo-pooed our zen state with some further workout/beatdown exercises….mumble chatter increased, but everyone appreciated the extra effort and not missing out on the last 10 minutes of the workout.

Welcome Kindergarten Cop (KC)….GREAT to have you part of F3 Indianapolis!

Keep up the good work…and keep passing it on.

Always a privilege,

Cosmo (for Logger)

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