Tire Ball

9 men posted in a 47° calm gloom




Pew Pew





Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Motivator from 10

Calf stretches

Sprinklers ICx15

Moroccan night club ICx15


Ruck tractor tires and ball sacks to happy place


One tire at the base and one at the tip of “the unit.”

Each team shoots a tennis ball with an exercise written on it into the tire. If shot is made, the other team does x2 the reps. If shot is missed, that team does x2 the reps. After each team takes a turn the tires are flipped by the PAX to the opposite side. Each PAX holds plank until it’s their turn to flip. If you were a shooter and missed you do a prisoner run around the happy place until your team is done flipping the tire.

We made it through 5 balls.

Ruck tire back to flag.


Pickle pounder ICx15

Plank jacks ICX15


Tire ball was a fun invention and a nice change of pace. A little more down time between exercises than yours truly would have liked, but still got a good sweat going. Some mumble regarding the changing of some rules midstream. It was good to have Ghost back with us. Now we need more kotters to show up.

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