Circuit workout in the moist

The Fartsack was strong today, but 5 Pax, Piper, Pew Pew, Jay Z, Crabby Po, and Q Popeye braved the windy and rainy gloom to better their bodies in a Circuit workout.

Warm up:

Maestro lap

WMH oyo

Arm stretches oyo

Nipple tweaked

Grass pickers

Abe Vigoda


Mosey to the large shelter house

Each circuit had 4 exercises, 1st exercise for 1:00, 2nd for 45 seconds, 3rd for 30 seconds, 4th for 15 seconds, then 30 second exercise again, 45 second exercise again, and 1:00 exercise again. Each circuit was 4:45 minutes. After the first circuits we ran to the bathrooms and did 20 calf raises, then back to shelter house. After the 2nd circuit we ran to the bathrooms and did 20 dips and back to the shelter house.

Circuit 1: squats, jump lunges, sumo squats, jump squats.

Circuit 2: planks, alt. shoulder taps, merkins, and plank jacks

Circuit 3: ssh, skaters, mountain climbers, burpees.

Circuit 4: hundreds, LBC’s, dolly, flutter kicks

Circuit 5: forward arm circles, backwards arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps.

It was a full body workout and the wind actually felt good by circuit 3. This one will definitely be brought out again.

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