I only borrowed it…They can have it back!

5 PAX posted on Wednesday 4/24/19.  Temperature was a manageable 43 degrees.

Piper, Jay-Z, Popeye, Daisy, CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

Arm / Leg stretch
Moroccan Night Club x 15
Grass Pickers x 15
Hand release Merkins x 10


Mile loop around the AO (the park) with exercises spaced out every .2 tenths of a mile.  First lap exercises were Merkins x 100, Squats x 100, Big Boy’s x 100, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 100, and SSH x 100.  Lap Two exercises were LBC’s x 100, Lunges x 100, Flutter Kicks x 100, Incline Merkins x 100, and Mountain Climbers x 100.  (Pax did not complete the Incline Merkins and Mountain Climbers due to time constraints.)


No time for Mary.



A little light in the PAX and heavy on the fart sack this morning.  But the 5 who posted were mostly good sports about trying out YHC’s new to us workout.  YHC spent some time on twitter this week and came across this workout out of the F3 Louisville area that sounded like it would be good.  PAX gave it a go this morning and it proved challenging and the mumble chatter started off early when it was announced that each exercise came with 100 reps.  Ended up running short on time and YHC called it good after 8 of the 10 exercises.  We still managed approx 1.7 miles.  This workout will resurface again soon, with some modifications so that we can fit it into the 45 minute time frame.

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