Feel the Burn

8 PAX posted in the perfect gloom to catch their muscles on fire.  50F and beautiful.

Plank walkouts with merkin x 5
Sprinklers x 10
Iron Cross x 5 each side
Scorpion x 5 each side
Butterfly stretch
Lunge walk x 5 each leg
Imperial Walkers x 5 each leg
Mosey to happy place with High Knees, Buttkickers, Frolicks

Thang: Random Mix of Pain
Arm Circles x 20 forward/reverse, Seal Claps x 25, Overhead Claps x 25, Roof Raises x 10 all IC
Jump Squat Holds from 10
Decline Planks – Start on bench, move to table top, 5 merkins, back to bench 5 more merkins
Jump Squat Holds from 7
5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips, 10 Incline Merkins/10 Dips, 5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips, 15 Incline Merkins/15 Dips, 5 Incline Merkins/5 Dips
Leg Blaster
Mosey to recover
5 Tempo Merkins, 5 Tempo Werkins, 5 Tempo Diamond Merkins
LBC’s x 55 IC
Leg Blaster
Decline Planks – Start on table top, 5 merkins,move to bench 5 more merkins, holding in between
Jump Squat holds from 5
Slowesy to monkey bars
Pull-Ups or Merkins to exhaustion
Mowesy the long way to flag
90 second Wall sit, last 30 seconds as low as can be.

Gas Pumps x 20
Box Cutters x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
Plank and Side Planks

Beautiful morning for a workout.  With Wapner and myself being out for the rest of the week, hopefully some kotters will make an appearance to fill in the ranks.

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