Q school


10 PAX posted at thehill for Q school

0500 lets go

Warm up

We streched as we discussed some of the how’s and the why’s of Q-ing a workout. Including the definition of the Q. The Q is the one responsible for the outcome.

10 Abe Vagodas IC -explained that it was different than windmills because he was 90 yrs old! Do them slowly.

We covered the importance of each call out:

1)Next exercise “_________”

2)Start position “gives Pax heads up”

3)In Cadence or On Your Own

And the often missed or under valued


10 SSH’s IC

15 Toy Soldiers IC – Explained the Toy Soldier is right foot to right hand which is extended straight out.

I took this exercise as an example of how the Q needs to explain sometimes the specifics of an exercise that we don’t do often or if there is an FNG.

I made the point that the warm up isn’t just something to hurry and get through, it is very important for a great workout.

We took a mosy to the other side of the parking lot. Along the way we discussed the origin of the word as well as the purposes:

1) shake things up. The whole workout could often be done in one place, but that would be boring!

2) time filler. Easily flexible to add or remove time.

3) to get to some of the fun places around the AO as we will discuss later.

50 Air Squats IC or until I got the splinter out of my glove. (You had to be there)

Moved about 20 yards away as I explained that being the Q allows you to do the exercises you love or if you chose, the ones you know others hate. Psych!

10 big boy sit ups Everyone mumbled something about a bear crawl so I change what I was intending to do and we did big boy setups when we finished I explained I’d intended to do 20 and we only did 10 because I was the Q and I wasn’t feeling it further encouraging guys to take the Q.

From there we did

Daft Punk Around the World 10 12 ct

Mosied behind the youth building to the stairs.

2 laps of stairs

It was after the stairs that I mentioned the reason we love the hill is it has so many things to choose from whether it’s the stairs or the volleyball sand pit where we lined up and did Bear crawl down in back in the middle of that someone mentioned the crab walk to which I replied great idea and we made one lap down with crab walk.

Mosey back to the flags circled up for Mary exactly six minutes of Mary

20 low dolly IC

20 High dolly IC

10 Bay City Scissors 8 ct IC

And recover recover

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