2019 F3 Indianapolis Convergence – 3/23/2019

Beatdown for the day:   Nantan Favorite Mixer – Cosmo Q

Beatdown Detail:  Partner workout, changing partners for each exercise, must choose someone you don’t know or don’t know very well (i.e. Black Cat PAX and Indy PAX)

We’re not pros, nor responsible (me, F3, Northview)…pace yourself, modify as needed.

Warm up

SSH x25 IC

Twist with a kick (always fun)

Merkins x 20 IC

Motivator from 5

Indian Run around the parking lot (with 30+ guys Q was wondering about the wisdom of this decision)

Par up for Wapner’s Revenge – Soccer Goal Routine (using parking lines and light poles)  – Set of exercises, run around the light pole, set of exercises, run around the light pole, RNR.

Mosey to the Hill

Par up for the Brickyard Burpback Mountain

Slowsy to the end of the parking lot

Bear crawl half the lot, lunge walk the other half, making our way back to the shovel flags.


Flutter kicks x 20 IC

C-SIt bicycles x 21 IC

LBCs x 25 IC

Name O’ Rama



Clear, crisp and absolutely B-E-A-U-tiful, 35 F (ish)

PAX:  Maize, Motorboat, Piper, Crout, Snoop, Fresh Cream, Aaron Bugleman (FNG), Wolverine, PVC, Beanie, Brian Smith (FNG), Quick(ie), Tulip, Picasso, Tony Spears (FNG), Brickyard, Randy Rife (FNG), IM, Logger, Woodchuck, Wapner, DC, Zamboni, Beefsteak, Maestro, Maestro 2.0 (FNG), Pawnee, Flash, Khaki, Cosmo (Q)

What a GREAT Day for a 2nd year celebration and F3 Indy’s first convergence!  Following a slight logistics scare (Q/coordinator didn’t know there was a race at the #Hill this particularly day) and a reroute to the lower east side (thanks Khaki for being traffic cop), the introduction, warm up and beatdown began.

Huge gathering of old friends, new faces and down streamers for a celebratory beatdown that YHC thought was a bit harder than originally anticipated!  All worked hard and progress was observed by some of the newer PAX to F3.  Huge shoutout to #Black Cat for another trip to the #Hill (always great to see these guys),

Q enjoyed the mumble chatter as routines like Wapner’s Revenge and Brickyard’s BURPback Mountain were introduced and experience for the first time by some of the newer PAX.   (NOTE:  The routine is not Broke as the Q mistakenly called it…..Wapner was VERY quick to point out Q’s mistake.)  Q also enjoyed the core workout…and thanks to Zamboni….Q got to work in some C-Sit position.

Namo’o Rama was AWESOME with the hammer/anvil combo and the huge COT was truly inspiring as the opportunity to honor our Brickyard for all his efforts.  It was fitting as well to welcome the new site Q for Saturdays (Maize) and the new Nantan for Indy, Cornwallis.

HUGE THANKS to all that help organize this event!  Special thanks to Pawnee and Khaki (film crew), Logger and his M (food and heat) and Zamboni and team (awards).

It is very inspiring and humbling to be part of such a great group of men striving to be the very best version of themselves and desiring to make an impact in our world!  Two years is a significant milestone (especially as we look back to where we’ve been) but there’s more in front of us than behind us, more men that need this in their lives and more positive impacts to make in our world!

Keep posting, shield-locking and passing it on!

ALWAYS a privilege,


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