Diamonds Aren’t a Man’s Best Friend

Weather 1, clear, slick




Crabby PO 


Wapner QIC


Mosey around playground and back to main shelter

Grass pickers IC x15

SSHs IC x25

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Sprinklers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x10

Tempo incline merkins IC x10


Draw a Card – Aces 100 reps, face cards 25 reps, all others number plus 10 reps

J♣️ Shoulder taps 

9♣️ High plank (90 sec.)

Q♠️ Monkey humpers

10♠️ Lunge walk

3♦️Chuck Norris merkins

J♦️ Dips

6♦️ Wide-arm merkins

9♦️ Ranger merkins

2♦️ Hand clap merkins 

7♦️ Derkins 

K♦️ Merkins 

2♠️ Bulgarian split squats 

Q♥️ Burpees

2♣️ WWII sit-ups 

5♠️ Standing lunges

A♦️ Arm circles 

4♣️ Heels to heaven

5♦️ Hand-release merkins

10♦️ Incline merkins 

7♣️ LBCs

8♦️ Merkins 

6♠️ Jump lunges

K♠️ Squats

4♦️ Carolina dry docks

K♣️ American hammers

Q♣️ Freddie Mercury

K♥️ Mtn. climbers

A♠️ Calf raises

J♠️ Smurf jacks

A♣️ Flutter kicks

8♠️ Backward lunges 


No time for Mary (got plenty with the cards)



Wapner reporting for Jay-Z on the joint Q.  “Warmer” than expected as temperature was actually above 0. Arrived to Daisy wandering around the park hoping for anyone else to post. Relieved as five men braved the elements while several others remained in the cozy warmth of the fartsack (including one PAX that will remain nameless “liking” GroupMe post but not posting). Learned in warmup that grass pickers might also be useful to clear out space after a big meal. Got through 31 cards with 12 out of 13 diamonds (including a run of 7 in a row) – definitely heavy on the arms. Total of 179 merkins of different variations along with dips and LBACs with Piper to blame for the cut of the cards. An icy cold morning for a workout, but now we know the hardest part of the day is behind us. 2ca69037-376a-44b1-8556-b5340e898a0e


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