Belated Birthday Party


9 PAX posted on a mid 20s morning for my belated 38th birthday party.   My F3 brothers provided the gifts (exercises). Disclaimer was given. Here’s some of what we did:

Warm Up:

15 Weed Pickers IC

10 Toy Soldiers

Arm Stretches

Mosey to the garage area and six stops on the way for the exercise of your choice.  Add one rep at each stop

The Thang:

Some of the party highlights included the dying cockroach, the monkey humper, the Carolina dry dock, 38 Mericans, the Cosmo, walking lunges, it’s never a party without ventral raises, spicy crab cakes, flutter kicks, and wall sits.  9 can-can dancers even made a brief but memorable appearance.  Plus many more hits.  You know it was a good party because I can’t remember all of it!






Super Easy Q.  The party goers did all the work.  Thank you all.  Special thanks to Headlock for the great cadence, and Cosmo for inventing a new exercise.  Rest up because there’s a high rep birthday party on Thursday at the Hill!


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