Post holiday conditioning

10 men posted in 42° breezy air





Pee Pew




Zach Miller (FNG)

Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Motivator from 8

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Moroccan night club ICx15

Tempo squats ICX10

Sprinklers ICx10


Mosey to happy place

10 jump squat holds pyramid to 1

10 merkin plank holds pyramid to 1

Mosey to basketball court

“Around the floors”

Each exercise performed along each sideline down the court and back

Criss cross the sideline

Studder step zig zag

Reverse pivot zig zag


Drifting (defensive shuffle)

Back pedal


Mosey to shelter house

100 overheard claps

50 squats

50 LBC

100 SSH

One stair burpee lap


Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointer ICx15

Pickle pounder ICx15

American hammer ICX10


We welcomed our first FNG of 2019, Zach Miller. Nice work by Popeye for putting him in an Emotional Headlock. Let’s keep the EHing going! The jump squat holds proved to be a lot of fun and something we hadn’t done in a while. It was discovered that when the Q says “In honor of…” something not so fun is coming. QIC apparently brought the heat as he was called a derogatory name after suggesting 100 SSH. It was great to see so many PAX in attendance. Keep up the good work.

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