First BOMBS dropped in the new year

30 degrees, clear and cool this morning.

3 PAX- Gasman, Crabby PO, Daisy-QIC

Warm up

Shoulder pretzels 20IC

Sprinklers 15IC

Grass pickers 20IC

OYO stretching to losen up what is tight

Mosey to happy place

Ring of Fire

Dips, al gore/ squats, planks/ merkins 15 each

Mosey to tunnel


Burpee- 50

Overhead Claps- 100

Merkin- 150

Big Boy- 200

Squats- 250

Mosey to happy place


Box cutter- 15IC


Freddy Mercury 15IC

Imperial Walkers 45 sec.


Small but mighty group today as 3 battled through the bombs this morning. Comments were made how weird it was with Christmas lights now off. Burpees were thought to not be fun until the big boys showed up. Hard to run when you have a hard time standing up straight! Lots of discussion about losing some pounds this year- hoping as school gets back in session the PAX numbers get bigger so we can all accomplish our weight goals! Especially since the winter seems to be mild for a bit longer! Hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of Christmas break and hope to see everyone on Monday!!!!

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