Happy 2019…Jump right in.

6 PAX posted this morning.  Temperature was 32 degrees.

Jay Z

Rite Aid



Pew Pew

CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm up:
Arm/Leg Stretch
Motivator from # of pax
Grass pickers x20
Burpees X 5



Side Lateral shuffle x 2
High Skip Jump x 2
Back Pedal / Sprint x 2
Defensive Shuffle x 2
Walking Lunge x 2


Jump Squats Tabata – 20 seconds of Jump Squats : 10 seconds of rest.  Complete 8 rounds.

Continuous AB Ladder – Four exercises – Bear Crawl Reach(a Curb Albert on the bench), Feet Elevated Cross Body Mountain Climbers, Plyo Bench Plank Holds (hold plank then push up to bench seat in one motion), Bear Crawl Step Down (Feet on bench and hands on floor.  Step feet down one at at time and back up to bench).  Each exercise 20 seconds with 10 second rest.  Repeated for three times through.

5 pull-ups
Leg blaster



Side plank dips x 20
American Hammer x 20
Flutter Kicks x 20
R&R x3


Happy New Year.  Pax made it to the happy place today for some mobility work.  Hopefully we are not as sore this time around.  If YHC’s memory serves him right the mobility workout debut was rather painful.  Pain was had by all at the big shelter house as Pax suffered though Jump Squat-a-palozza followed up with a continuous “ab” ladder.  It was hard to hear the timer over all the mumble chatter.  Followed up with a stop by the monkey bars for the promised pull ups.  Ended up with a Leg Blaster at the Happy Place.

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