Last Minute Pinch Hit Q

Weather 53, balmy and clear, ground extra moist



Crabby PO 

Wapner QIC


Maestro lap

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Slow squats IC x15

Motivator from 6


Mosey to Happy Place 

ATM 10/10/10

Leg blasters 

Mosey to main shelter

Draw a Card – Aces 100 reps, face cards 25 reps, all others number plus 10 reps

5♣️ Oblique crunches

6♥️ Backward run

8♠️ Backward lunges 

K♥️ Mtn. climbers

A♣️ Flutter kicks

2♥️ Sprint 200 M.

5♥️ Karoake

A♠️ Calf raises

Q♣️ Freddie Mercury

4♣️ Heels to heaven

10♠️ Lunge walk

Q♠️ Monkey humpers

9♣️ High plank (90 sec.)

K♣️ American hammers

4♦️ Carolina dry docks

K♠️ Squats

K♦️ Merkins 

Q♦️Diamond merkins

3♣️ High, slow flutter kicks 

4♥️ Sprint 400 M. 

Mosey to flag


No time for Mary 



Morning started with message from Daisy that he got called in to work, leaving the Q to YHC. No problem at all – that’s why the official F3 workout deck is always in the car. Another light turnout with some PAX traveling this week and many others working through injury or otherwise fartsacking away the week after Christmas. Went to the main shelter to avoid moist ground but to no avail – yesterday’s 50 mph winds blew the rain everywhere. The Rossville ladies were back but almost certainly won’t return after no Piper and no pickle pounders. It was agreed that we’ve all gotten out of shape through the holidays and need to get motivated with some sort of challenge for the new year ahead. Everyone rest up this weekend and let’s get a good turnout for Rite Aid on Monday – F3 wouldn’t be in Frankfort without him. Aye!

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